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Although relatively new in the market, ReliOn glucose meters offer unmatched accuracy and ease of usage. There are three blood glucose testing products that ReliOn manufactures: ReliOn Confirm, Micro and Ultima. All these glucose meters provide a myriad of features that are sufficient to cater to the needs of individual patients. In this write up, we would be looking at each on of these three ReliOn glucose meters in order to understand their functioning and behavior.

The ReliOn Micro:

This ReliOn glucose meter has been designed to provide test results accurately and easily. As the name suggests, this ReliOn glucose meter is sleek and best suited to those who are on the move. This ReliOn glucose meter is designed to fit a hectic lifestyle. The meter can store up to 50 test records at a time. Moreover, you can also transfer all the test data into a computer to archival. Thus, while 50 test results might not appear to be a very large number, you can still achieve infinite test history data by timely archival.

The ReliOn Micro doesn’t require coding and only 0.3 micro liters of blood is enough to render the test results on the screen. With this ReliOn glucose meter, you can flag pre and post meal test results to know the difference. This difference can be helpful in making valuable interpretations about your diet and the way regular food items affect blood glucose levels. Thus, pre/post meal flagging of test data can help you design your meals better.

The ReliOn Confirm:

This ReliOn glucose meter is the latest product to have rolled out form the stables of ReliOn. Available in Pink and Blue, this is an ideal ReliOn glucose meter if you have two or more patients using glucose meters at home. Different colors can help you tell one glucose meter from the other and prevent complications related to glucose meters usage. Like the Micro, this ReliOn glucose meter doesn’t require any coding and requires on 0.3 micro liters of blood for testing. Moreover, the ReliOn Confirm can store up to 360 test records with date, time stamp and daily average for the day. All this data can then be transmitted into a computer for further analysis.

The ReliOn Confirm renders results in less than 7 seconds and is capable of rendering 14 and 30 day averaging results. This ReliOn glucose meter beeps and notifies a user when the blood sample is sufficient for testing, thereby optimizing the time for which the lancet is inserted. This not only prevents excessive blood from gushing out, but also minimizes the pain. The ReliOn Confirm not only allows for testing on alternate test sites (palms, forearms and fingertips), but its ultra modern lancet design allows for five different depth settings, thereby reducing the pain in the process of insertion.

The ReliOn Ultima:

This ReliOn glucose meter is an affordable, accurate and handy blood glucose monitor for those who are looking to test once in a while. The ReliOn Ultima requires about 0.6 micro liters of blood for testing and can render results on the screen within 6 seconds. This ReliOn glucose meter comes with a large and easy to read screen and is best suited to those who want to invest in an easy to use, no nonsense glucose meter.

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